18 Apr 2018

Indie Rocks gives MIEN a 9/10 review

They say:

A step forward. MIEN and his magical debut.
One of the most complicated points of forming a "super group" is the sound exhibition to present. But the coalition led by the veteran Texan Alex Maas , develops with a certain naturalness, excelling in a genre that continues to be explored assiduously and with dedication. It highlights the status of great musicians who have earned for years on the platforms, and if that was not enough, the study work raises that condition a little more if it were possible.

Without much preamble, the experimentation will be the standard of the debut, the magical first disc that begins a race that will present all the creativity and dedication of a band. In the depths of its dark space, MIEN  begins its bet with "Earth Moon" and the sitar sounds on top, while the voices that emanate Maas spread through the spectrum from the center of the calm to the ghostly echoes in the external reaches, we enter the blessed psychedelia.

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