5 Apr 2018

Emission Eectrophone say some words about Lay Llamas track 'Silver Sun'

They (roughly translated) say:

Four years after Østro, Italians Lay Llamas announce a new album for next June.
During these four years, Nicola Giunta, the thinking head of the psychedelic project, released some titles on different structures (Backwards, 4 Zero, ArteTetra). But it is at Rocket Recordings that Thuban will release and highlight a new artistic direction of the Italian band. After the departure of the singer Gioele Valenti, Nicola Giunta is now alone aboard the intergalactic ship. Nevertheless, the Italian is not found alone because to record this new album, he has joined more than a dozen different musicians including Mark Stewart of The Pop Group, Liverpuldiens Clinic and one of the masked singers of the Swedish collective Goat. The big news is that the Italian started singing and learned to play new instruments such as marimba, saxophone and kalimba.

If we believe the title "Silver Sun" presented today, Lay Llamas still hangs high in the stars and do not allow any limit to foment hypnotic psychedelic mantras.

See the full piece here: Emission Eectrophone

Buy the Ltd edition album here: Bandcamp