13 Apr 2018

Gigwise say some words about Lay Llamas track Silver Sun

They say:

Back in our day a ‘Silver Sun’ was a rather brilliant geek rock indie band with a crippling Cheap Trick obsession. These days, it seems, it’s a slab of sci-fi krautrock resembling The Beta Band dedicating their lives to Krishna.

‘Silver Sun’ is the first track to emerge from ‘Thuban’, the second album from Lay Llamas, an Italian psych-pop act centred around a chap named Nicola Giunta, whose debut 'Østro' raised third eyebrows back in 2014. That album was based around one Can-like extended psychedelic mantra, whereas the new eight-track record promises a more varied trip, with members of Goat, Clinic and The Pop Group lending an experimental drone rock hand along the way. The press release claims the album exists in “a realm seemingly without boundaries, one in which a pan-global fascination with rhythmic hypnosis and an unquenchable experimental zeal manifests hermetically-aligned revelations aplenty”. Presumably this is referring to the bit where a saxophonist has a fit, but ‘Silver Sun’ has greater treats to unfold than that. The ice-planet intro atmospherics, for instance. The part that sounds like a Super Furry Animals gig in a jungle. And the grainy garage rock guitars driving the whole thing unstoppably onward like a biker gang revving down a road to nowhere.

Read it here: Gigwise