9 Apr 2018

Glide Magazine reviews MIEN

It reads:

For diehards of psychedelic rock, those who have clung to the threads of the genre weaving their wave through the decades, the formation of MIEN is a perfect storm. Alex Maas of The Black Angels, Tom Furse of The Horrors, Rishi Dhir of Elephant Stone and John-Mark Lapham of The Earlies joining forces in a psych-collaboration tapestry of influences and exploration. By all accounts the coming together of this supergroup, if you will, has been on a collision course for the better part of a decade. Various chance festival encounters and impromptu discussions gradually morphing into the shape of the idea of a solid collaboration. MIEN and the meandering agitation and drifting pulse of this, their self-titled debut, is the result.

The danger of celebrated unions such as these is the way in which a range of established artists who all shoulder previous success and bring it with them can result in the lack of a singular focus. There are certainly times when MIEN feels like an extended jam session, the myriad ideas that stem from the sonic lands each musician calls home – as excellent as they are – ultimately falling short of a cohesive narrative one can grasp hold of...

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