11 Apr 2018

Stingray interview Rishi from MIEN

It goes:

What is MIEN?
It’s a project that I’ve been working on that kind of started 14 years ago I met all the members of the band. There’s me Rishi Dhir from Elephant Stone’s, The Black Angels’ Alex Maas, The Horrors’ Tom Furse, and The Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham. I met Alex in 2004 at SXSW and we hit it off. He started Black Angels soon after. Fast forward to 2012, I was touring with Black Angels and The Horrors and started collaborating for a few years with them. At one point, John-Mark and I had this great song and we asked Alex to sing on it, and then asked Tom to play keyboards, and that was the first song off MIEN called "Black Habit". We got really excited and said: "Well, let’s see what else happens." And that was it. From 2013 to 2017 was when we fully worked on MIEN. It took 4 years to make this album.

Why the shift from Elephant Stone to MIEN?
I’m actually working on my next Elephant Stone album. MIEN was just something I was doing on my off time – I liked it because we’re all contributing parts and I’m more of a sideman than a frontman. I just liked being a piece of the puzzle rather than being the whole puzzle.

What have you learned from that experience as opposed to being the frontman?

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