3 Apr 2018

Read Il Muccio feature on Mamuthones

It (roughly translated) reads:


From the mysticism of the first records to the alienating dance of the new "Fear On The Corner": the return of the Mamuthones Venetian on Rocket Recordings through rit (m) i and contemporary fears. The mind and founder Alessio Gastaldello talks about it.

Tradition would like them with faces covered in black and scary masks. After wearing them for years, today the Mamuthones are back with their faces painted in acid colors and their teeth clearly visible - the same as the animals when they are afraid. Dark and hypnotic drones have also given way to different rhythms, physical and spasmodic. The new life of Paduan formation, however, is not as alien and incongruent as it might seem: the traces of music as a ritual, of prolonged repetition, of the sound as a soundtrack of a celebration - which is no longer religious but pagan, that from the contemplation becomes dance. Anthropology also says this: the progressive transformation over time is a constant dynamic in collective rituals and it is also for this reason that the new (altered) state of consciousness of the Mamuthones is only the evolution of a history that has lasted for over ten years.

More or less since Alessio Gastaldello left the post behind the Jennifer Gentle battery. That funny creature, founded together with Marco Fasolo, who was the first Italian band to go out on Sub Pop and, above all, to venture into neopsichedelici territories since not suspicious times. "At the beginning of 2000, in the years of the post-rock mathematical rhythms. When at festivals they looked at us like strangers, like freaks - which we were after all. When we were doing a piece with the sitar looped like Couple In Bed By A Green Flashing Light, which was Italian Occult Psychedelia but ten years ago. " Undecided about what to do after the release of Jennifer Gentle, in 2005, the shock comes during a business trip to Sardinia. "At the airport of Alghero" - says Alessio - "I was struck by these masks of the Sardinian carnival, the Mamuthones, of which I did not know the existence. It was MySpace's time: I went back home, opened a page where I put the image of one of these monstrous faces and a piece I had done with the organ. Everything started again from here "...

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