17 Oct 2019

Tom Tom Rock review Julie's Haircut - In The Silence Electric

Tom Tom Rock review Julie's Haircut - In The Silence Electric

Here is a few words translated:

An Italian band rich in history: Julie's Haircut return with In the Silence Electric. In the Silence Electric is the ninth album in the almost half-century long career of Emilian Julie’s Haircut. And it is the second, after the beautiful Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin, to go out for the English label Rocket Recording. Attentive as always to the iconography for the cover, this time they chose a work by the German avant-garde artist Annegret Soltau. An image in which the face is tightly tightened by a black thread that wraps around it, until, as the artist declared, "It was similar to the act of mummification. I took the scissors and freed myself ». Julie's Haircut - In the Silence Electric Rocket Recording - 2019 And it is this dialectic between restriction, constraint and desire for freedom and rebellion, but also between silence and electricity, as the oxymoric title says, which runs through the work of Julie's Haircut, in an alternation of traces where flashes of light open onto vast mental and psychedelic horizons to others where darkness looms slowing the pace and clouding the senses.

In conclusion… Julie's Haircut confirm with In The Silence Electric that they have reached full expressive maturity. The shoegaze, alternative, jazz, tribal and kraut influences create a fascinating and enveloping, hypnotic and spiritual psychedelia, where the irrational, dreamlike, esoteric, restless element opens up to faint rays of hope in a future that perhaps dwells only between spaces sidereal.

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