29 Oct 2019

Iggor Cavalera's 10 dance tracks (and one album) every metalhead should know for Louder

It says:

Known metalhead Iggor Cavalera talks us through the dance tracks essential for all metal fans looking to broaden their horizons

Iggor Cavalera should be a familiar name to most metalheads, having helped change the face of heavy metal with Sepultura and continued to carry the torch with brother Max Cavalera in The Cavalera Conspiracy. 

Less well known, perhaps, is his life beyond pounding drums and crushing riffs, where he’s spent time DJing, performing with wife Laima Leyton in electronic act Mixhell and, now, teaming up with Wayne Adams [Big Lad, Death Pedals] for the brilliant Petbrick. 

The band’s self-titled debut for Rocket Recordings represents a batshit crazy grab-bag of sounds, drawing from the duo’s shared love of breakcore, metal, industrial and electronica to create something that’s head-poundingly abrasive and yet driving, danceable and catchy. 

The panoply of influences at play is intriguing and, for those of us who’ve lived lives steeped in guitar music, perhaps a little bewildering. To help navigate these unfamiliar waters, Louder asked Iggor for a primer of sorts – some entry-level tracks he’d recommend to lifelong metalheads keen to expand their horizons..

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