18 Oct 2019

M-Magazine exclusive PETBRICK live in studio footage & Interview

M-Magazine has published this great interview with PETBRICK and the feature also includes an exclusive 'live in studio' footage of the bands track 'Horse'.
They say:

‘I know there’s a lot of metal guys who are gonna dig Petbrick and there’s a lot of people who aren’t gonna like it. I’m 100 percent fine with both’: says Petbrick’s Iggor Cavalera.

Specialising in self-described ‘horrible noise’ Petbrick is the formidable combined creative force of Sepultura co-founder Iggor and Big Lad’s Wayne Adams.

Fuelled the latter’s mammoth metal chops and Wayne’s punk, gabber and breakcore background, the duo has sparked an unforgiving, hugely entertaining and uniquely filthy sound.

Unsurprisingly, Iggor’s beats come hard and fast and Wayne’s synthesisers are wild and unforgiving, culminating in an earth-scorching racket of the highest order.

Their forthcoming debut record I features a host of enviable collaborators for a set of tracks that are as rare as they are compulsive.

We caught up with the duo to chat about the origins of their remarkable sound, upsetting metalheads, and what they have lined up next…


How did the two of you come together to form Petbrick?

Wayne Adams: I play in another band called Big Lad and we were doing a show at the Underworld in Camden. Iggor was there to see one of his friend’s bands, I didn’t realise he was there, and then the next day I got an email out of the blue from Iggor saying, ‘I liked your band.’ I run a recording studio, so he came over and we drank a copious amount of coffee and made some music.

It was just one of those things, the opportunity to play music with someone like Iggor, with that history, was very exciting to me. I think we were both enthusiastic to make it happen.

Iggor Cavalera: I really enjoyed the way he was doing a lot of the synths, especially the breakcore stuff that he does. That was something I was really intrigued by. One of the guys I went to see that night, Drumcorps, Aaron Spectre is a friend of ours, a mutual friend of me and Wayne. He invited me to come see him play at the Underworld, but he said you should come see the guys that are going to play before me. The band was called Shitwife, it was before they changed the name to Big Lad. So, I went a little earlier and thought it was really cool. Petbrick became something more serious somehow. I have a lot of passion for it. It’s not just another thing that I’m doing. I put a lot of love to it....

Read the full interview & watch the exclusive live in the studio video for 'Horse':