9 Oct 2019

Sentireascoltare review Julie's Haircut 'In The Silence Electric'

Sentireascoltare review Julie's Haircut 'In The Silence Electric'

This is what they had to say (rough translation):

Julie's Haircut continues on the path taken by more than a few records, and certified by the landing on Rocket, a label that seems to have capitalised the best Italian underground more fixed with psychedelia "material" and detonating, for the previous 'Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon' Twin.

In 'In The Silence Electric' the situation does not change; the composition is always a unique flow that expands like a river delta to incorporate motorik, acid psychedelia, kraut portions, nuances of free jazz, sensations from an imaginary soundtrack and an idea of ​​compositional freedom that is increasingly present.

We were talking about the route, however, given that by moving back to Our Secret Ceremony, the cosmic dimension - both latently kosmische and more specifically cosmic, spatial, lost in the immensity of the universe - has gradually become a constituent part of the Julie's sound to which it is from which are then sprouted leaves and branches always of the same material formed.

The mega trip of Darlings Of The Sun, for example, with its ethno-space expanses, or the polyrhythmic one of Pharoah's Dance, no men omen in terms of size and references, but also the stasis of In Return and even the Sorcerer's hypnotic motorik suicide style tells of an infinite regeneration, of a musical blob in continuous definition that feeds on elements and inputs always from the same "humus" generated, but from time to time rethought, reworked, redefined.

Nothing new under the sun of the psych more or less ethno, more or less cosmic, more or less kraut, but a survey conducted with balance and parsimony, attention and ability towards a sound world that is increasingly personal and internalized by the sextet.

It is no coincidence that they speak of "sound of psychic liberation from the shackles of oppression and of the everyday" in the press and it is no coincidence that the artwork of the German avant-garde artist Annegret Soltau was chosen for the cover image,

self-empowered and self-liberated by a kind of live mummification intended to reflect on communication, on its deprivation, on its reacquisition; which is easily ascribable to so much music, presumably new and actually mummified on itself.

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(The above artwork is part of the Julie's Haircut album packaging & by wonderful Annegret Soltau)