7 Oct 2019

Rumour Magazine interviews Julies Haircut

They say:

In the electric silence of Julie's Haircut is enclosed a world made of a thousand suggestions. Musical, visual, artistic suggestions at 360 degrees, curiosity, spirituality, travel, physics and metaphysics. In The Silence Electric is the title of the band's new album, the eighth, the ninth if we consider (and we must consider it) the soundtrack Music From The Last Command, a double that actually makes this their second album of the year. A record that comes from a process of "osmosis" with music: "We welcomed the unexpected, leaving the songs to guide us to their final form, rather than trying to force them towards a precise direction", explains Luca Giovanardi, from which we did tell about what this process consists of: and from the answers, in the same way that a disc by Julie's Haircut comes out, a free conversation was born, one could say jazz, that goes from studio improvisations to Jungian psychology and psychomagia by Alan Moore, from pragmatic observations on how difficult it is to make a certain type of music in Italy to speculation about the time of St. Augustine. Take the time to read it all. And to listen to the album.

Let's talk about the record, in particular I was intrigued by this description: "made through a unique osmosis process". What does it mean?

"Well let's say that sometimes press releases are written by people, in this case an English writer, who interpret in their own way what we might have said during an interview, then the problem is that we have to do interviews and look for to make the exegesis of what we wanted to say (laughs). Such as? A particular process of osmosis ... moreover in this case it is a translation from English, however I think that what he wanted to say is that as far as we are concerned, but it has been like this for some years now, the production of our records is done through a process that is not exactly what is followed for the overwhelming majority of the record productions, in the sense that we very rarely enter the studio with a precise and clear idea of ​​everything there is to do, with a pattern... 

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