1 Oct 2019

Echoes and Dust reviews Julie's Haircut's In The Silence Electric

They say:

Ushered in on a trickling of glistening crescendos, and droned out surges, the new Julie’s Haircut album, In The Silence Electric, wastes no time in setting out the atmospheric journey that you are about to take. Never a band to rely simply on generic psych tropes, they have slowly evolved into a dynamic beast which is just as happy to explore minimalist gothic trance sounds, as it is to head straight to the dance floor on a wave of fuzzed out glory. It’s Euro-psych, but not willing to stay put within any conventional sounds. It does come with some proviso’s though, as we will see.

The potency of their sound can be heard as the sound shifts from that bleak, anticipatory opening track (hell, its even called ‘Anticipation Of The Night’), into the straight ahead garage rock stomper, all coloured with krautrock rhythms, and repeated vocals of ‘Emerald Kiss’. It’s a song with intent, and one which aims to take no prisoners. It could be turgid, but in these hands it’s just so good. Julie’s Haircut are coming of age, and about time too...

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