21 Oct 2019

Birthday Cake for Breakfast reviews PETBRICK's 'I'

They say:

London-based industrial duo Petbrick play like they hate their instruments. Iggor Cavalera beats his drums like he’s getting revenge on them for hurting someone he loves, while Wayne Adams bullies his synthesizers into an anxiety attack; a distortion pedal watches, laughing cruelly. The result is a record that is, despite having no guitars, one of the heaviest I’ve heard in a long time. There are ear-splitting trebly shrieks and drones, distorted bass, fast splatter breaks, and static bursts that could all be at home in some of the most aggressive electronic music genres.

The hostility of this record makes sense given the pair’s past musical offerings. Cavalera was in metal legends Sepultura, easily one of the most creative of the long-lived thrash bands. (By the way, with Halloween coming up, do yourself a favour and check out their cover of ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead‘.) Adams is in Big Lad, who sound something like Andrew WK-style party metal played with synths, and previously made thrashy gabber under the name Ladyscraper.

On ‘I‘, their first full-length, the duo have added vocals, including several guests: Dylan Walker from Full of Hell, Dwid Hellion from Integrity, Laima Leyton from Mixhell, and Mutado Pintado from Warmduscher, each bringing a variation on brutality. Leyton’s are the most distinctive on the record, as they’re melodic, something rare on this record. Leyton’s vocals on the track ‘Coming’ alternate between the detachment of the highly professional director of a government office deciding who dies, and a kind of chorus that might be lamenting but might be celebrating that dying...

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