2 Oct 2019

Fred Perry interview and exclusive playlist with The Utopia Strong

They say:

Name, where are you from?
Steve Davis - Romford, Essex.
Kavus Torabi - Tehran, currently residing in Hackney.
Michael J York - Bromborough, Wirral, currently residing in the Vale of Avalon.

Describe your style in three words?
SD: Medical Grade Music.
KT: Not for everyone.
MJY: Third Eye Bath.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
SD: Magma - Chalk Farm Roundhouse 1974. A moment of true musical enlightenment that took me down a path that I am eternally thankful for.
KT: Sonic Youth at The Forum in London on the Washing Machine tour in 1995. It was the final gig of a three-day residency, the sound was terrific and the set was as if the band had consulted with me previously, everything I wanted to hear was in there. The entire performance was utterly transcendental, but a particularly ecstatic rendition of their psychedelic masterpiece, The Diamond Sea, has stayed with me ever since.
MJY: Magma - Cafe OTO 2016. My first Magma show and they played their masterwork MDK as though it had only been composed yesterday and yet at the same time had existed since the before the dawn of time.

If you could be on the line up with any two bands in history?
SD: 1 - Support band for a This Heat gig, a band so far ahead of their time they are still being discovered by music heads, who are subsequently scratching their skulls and wondering where the band had been all their lives. 2 - Support band for an Alice Coltrane gig. A bona fide psychedelic master.

KT: I could imagine our group, The Utopia Strong, playing at the UFO club between Soft Machine and The Pink Floyd in 1967...

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