9 Oct 2019

GIGsoup review Julie's Haircut live in Chester

GIGsoup review Julie's Haircut live in Chester, they say:

Fairly well known in their home country of Italy, the Sassuolo-formed Julie’s Haircut have been releasing music for the best part of 25 years now. However, many here in the UK probably only encountered them after the release of 2017’s Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin on Rocket Recordings, arguably Britain’s best psychedelic label.

During their first decade together they performed a mix of garage and indie rock, but collaborations with the likes of Damo Suzuki, Sonic Boom and then Philip Corner inspired more experimentation. Since then they’ve evolved to become one of Europe’s top psychedelic krautrock bands, also incorporating elements of prog, post rock and jazz into their sound.

On the eve of the release of their ninth full length album In The Silence Electric, the Northern Italian outfit stopped by The Live Rooms in Chester for their first ever performance in the city. It was part of a seven date UK tour that also included dates in Leicester and Newcastle before they headed back for a tour of their homeland.....

.......Despite missing the trippy sax of Laura Agnusdei on a few tracks, it was a fantastic performance from a band who have been at their creative peak in recent years. They will certainly have gone back to Northern Italy with many more fans than they had when they arrived here and will always be welcome to stop by Chester when they embark on any future UK tours.

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(Photo & review by Daniel Kirby)