23 Oct 2019

Indie Zone reviews Julie's Haircut's In the Silence Electric

They say:

Active, passionate, free and, let's face it, often guiltily underestimate. Emilian Julie's Haircut is a river full of ideas and impulses, of desire to dig and experiment, and a few months after coming out with the soundtrack of the movie "Music From The Last Command", here they are with this new work in the long distance, "In the Silence Electric". A title that already evokes the leitmotif of the journey to which we will have to go.

Metaphysical, nocturnal, alienating and evocative atmospheres, walled with electric but pervaded by a fluid gait, at times spatial, at times muffled, open the way with Anticipation of The Night , before with Emerald Kiss guitars and synthesizers draw parabolic drawings at a steady pace but restless and scratchy, only in the end blunted by a jazzy breath.

Step that becomes more enterprising with Until The Lights Go Out , which is channeled into a dark whirlwind, kraut, up to explode into more exquisitely shoegazing guitar walls, to find a rhythmic pace with Lord Help Me Find a Way , minimal but equally dark and with rough and claustrophobic walls. Sorcerer reactivates nerves and lungs with urgent beats and laser-bordered , in a hypnotic and magnetic atmosphere, before Darlings of The Sun returns to crowd out with its intertwining of synthetic and tribal, with which we can only sketch a landscape between the dreamlike and visionary...

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