10 Oct 2019

Backseat Mafia review Julie's Haircut live in Manchester

Backseat Mafia review Julie's Haircut live in Manchester:

Julie’s Haircut are an Italian neo-psychedelic offering who have been around for more years than they would care to admit now, having initially formed back in 1994. Their recent allegiance has been to UK based label Rocket Recordings, who today have released their latest offering, their ninth studio album no less, In The Silence Electric.

Tonight they grace one of Manchester’s finest underground, independent venues, The Peer Hat, a setting that is perfect for them. They open with ‘Gathering Light’, probably their most recognised track from 2017’s Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin which sprung them to public attention in the UK. With its slow build that intensifies throughout as layers are added, it’s the perfect track to start things off. This is closely followed by ‘The Fire Sermon’ from the same album and the two make an intoxicating atmosphere, laden with intrigue that sets the mood for the rest of the set.....

....Julie’s Haircut have delivered something really special here tonight, in a venue that has suited their sound perfectly. The quality of the songs on the new album shows their development as a band and if they keep putting out performances like that, they’ll soon be playing to much larger crowds.

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