24 Oct 2019

Echoes and Dust reviews PETBRICK's 'I'

They say:

PETBRICK are the latest noise-mongers to release an album through Rocket Recordings, I is their debut long player and the band come with quite a pedigree, being Iggor Cavalera of Sepultura and Wayne Adams of Big Lad, two men with a significant background in aural terrorism.

They are not alone in this new campaign however, as the album features a cast of collaborators –  friends, colleagues and family members who lend their voices to many of the songs. The multiple vocalists, added to the numerous styles displayed does mean that I does have more of a feeling of a compilation rather than a single organic whole.

What the album does have is a solid grounding in industrial rock music, there’s little of the roaring and riffage of Sepultura or the krautrock/psych leanings of Big Lad. When I ponder on industrial rock music my thoughts are never too far from the work of Al Jourgensen and it’s fair to say PETBRICK have absorbed some of uncle Al’s deviant spirit. Two of the more enjoyable moments here recall Ministry at their brilliant, low-brow, riot-starting best – the drum and bass assault and battery of ‘Roadkill Ruby’ and the Trump-baiting ‘Gringolicker’ (see what they did there?)

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