31 Oct 2019

Rocket Probes – October 2019 playlist

(The massive debut album by PETBRICK finally gets released)

Laura Agnusdei – Lungs Dance
(Julie's Haicut's sax wizard's new solo single)
Laura Agnusdei

Craig Leon - Standing Crosswise In The Square
Craig Leon

Julia Reidy - Crystal Bones
(Mike Bourne from Teeth of The Sea played us this great album from Australia that has a great Zimple/Ziolek vibe to it)
Julia Reidy

Kooba Tercu – Ukunta
(Krautnoise groove from Greece)
Kooba Tercu 

David Terry – Always
(Bong man immersions)
David Terry

The Mothers Of Invention - Live at the BBC 1968
(We know this has been on this playlist many times, but it is still one of the best things you will ever hear/see)
The Mothers Of Invention

Pantherman – Pantherman
(Dutch glam stomp)

Deliluh – Oath Of Intent
(Gnoomes turns us on to this, bit of an 'Infinity Machines' thing going on)

Eddie Warner - Shut Up/Stop Stuttering/Organic
(Amazing library music from the 60's, 3 killer tracks from Eddie)
Eddie Warner 1
Eddie Warner 2
Eddie Warner 3

Abronia – Half Hail
(Really nice groove-out in the last half of this on new Cardinal Fuzz release)

Rumba Tres – Nata, Limón y Fantasía
(Nice discovery of fuzzed out Spanish pop by Anthroprophhs Paul Allen)
Rumba Tres

Drumm Chimp - Acide Nouveau
(Heavy acid sounds)
Drumm Chimp 

J Joxfield ProjeX DJ&M – DJ&M Baroque Or Odd

(Bizarre mix of fuzz, found sounds and other weird delights)
Joxfield ProjeX DJ&

Joy Division - She's Lost Control
(Amazing BBC version of one of Joy Division's best tracks)
Joy Division 

Andrea Belfi – Strata
(Drum n' Drones)
Andrea Belfi

Celtic Frost – Jewel Throne
(As the nights draw in)
Celtic Frost

Eddie Fisher - Jeremiah Pucket
(Slow dirty funk from 71)
Eddie Fisher

Anadol – Görünmez Hava
(Synth grooves)

Joni Mitchell - The Jungle Line
(Tribal grooves and fuzzy horns/synths)
Joni Mitchell 

Acid Reich – Mistress of the perpetual harvest
(Before Magnet there was Acid Reich)
Acid Reich

Coach Moss – Thistle Do Nicely
(Punk flute...thanks Heather!)
Coach Moss 

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
(Been listening to some good Kraftwerk documentaries & of course that took us back to the Electro/Hip Hop music of our past, the classic Planet Rock)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force

Jon Hassell – Amsterdam Blue
(Courtesy of the mighty Cherrystones once again...unbelievably beautiful track)
Jon Hassell

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