8 Oct 2019

Music Traks review Julie's Haircut 'In The Silence Electric'


It starts from Anticipation of the Night, a very electric but nocturnal (obvious) and more walked than a run track, which somehow brings to mind the atmospheres of the American alternative, like Yo La Tengo. 

Emerald Kiss abandons the magical atmosphere of the previous song to immerse itself in a much less rarefied air. Indeed there are particles of rock, not even too micro, and heavily charged skies. 

But if the tension then drops a bit at a certain point, Until the Lights Go Out thinks to make it go up immediately, with some dark wave aftertaste in the path. 

Return to the hypnotic and nocturnal with Lord Help Me Find The Way, which travels in concentric circles. 

The alternation of rhythms continues with the fast and very accelerated Sorcerer, already presented as a single. Not that this is skimped on the hypnotic / psychedelic side, indeed. 

More evocative are the climates of Darlings of the Sun, electronic but also very insinuating, with desert drums ready to offer their own rhythms. But there is not always the sun. 

And in fact here comes In Return, journey into darkness, with echoes and reverberations and distant voices and threats that flutter. 

The Pharaoh Dreams of the drums: in Pharaoh's Dream there are tribal percussions. 

The lock returns to the magic and the ambiguous, with the meandering For the Seven Lakes

Julie's Haircut is a truly remarkable disc, which produces nine tracks characterized by conceptual and sound compactness, cloaked in enchanting charm. The band is mature and can now literally do whatever it wants.

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