24 Oct 2019

The405 reviews PETBRICK's 'I'

They say:

PETBRICK are Wayne Adams and Iggor Cavallero; the former has produced challenging genre-spanning work under the monikers Big Lad, Death Pedals and Johnny Broke, while the latter is Iggor Cavallero. Yep, the fella from Sepultura. Their work has always existed on the periphery of sense and sanity as their output over many projects has explored sonic terrains and revelled in aural discord for the dystopian times we find ourselves becoming ever deeper entrenched within. There is a feral heart at the centre of I, but one that also offers a sense of optimism, of a life-affirming approach that comes from spitting venom in the face of the powerful.

‘Horse’ kicks things off in a propulsive manner. Cavallero’s pulverising drumming technique rushes through the track while Adams conjures up the spirit of the kosmiche Musik bands of the 70s with whirling keys and reverbed vocals. ‘Horse’ exists between the cracks of genres and immediately pushes PETBRICK into areas new to Adams and Cavallero, sounding like The Cosmic Dead jamming with Nine Inch Nails. It’s a breathless way to open proceedings, although they kindly offer a moment of respite in the track as the drums come to a halt for the briefest of times...

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