25 May 2020

Tracker Magazine review Kooba Tercu's Proto Tekno

They say:

Turning on a beacon to create a (un) safe path for those who want to navigate this tsunami, the Kooba Tercu owe as much to the Pretty Hate Machine by the Nine Inch Nails and Cop Shoot Cop as to the work of the Can, the filthness and the fury of the post- harcore of the 90s from Unwound and Girls Against Boys as well as the bizarre confluence of chains that were and are the Melvins. And they owe as much to the guitars as they owe to the dance music, but here everything is organic and the electricity really comes from the veins and not from the electronic circuits of the machinery.

If you think that in rock there is nowhere to go and all paths have already been discovered and mapped this is not for you. Kooba - band from Athens branched to Crete and London - may not even be innovating anything, but they behave very badly in keeping with a straight line of rock and weight, that is guaranteed. (And even the question of not innovating is highly debatable). Above all, the idea here is to make as much noise as possible (mission accomplished) and, at the same time, create an avant-garde ambience of underground techno partyin a hyperbaric chamber full of chainsaws, mantras and ambivalence qb (mission more than accomplished) to uncontroll any certainty that one is facing an experimental rock band… or a dancefloor tribaltechno… or noise… or ritual… or industrial… or psychedelic… all here it is highly abnormal. A wet dream of freakness, anger and rebellion by rules and conventions. One of the most exciting discoveries of the year. 

Read the piece here: Tracker Magazine