30 May 2020

Rocket Probes – May 2020 (Lockdown) Playlist

Autotelia – First Flight
(Incredible machine driven kosmich bliss...debut album up for presale now)

Magaletti & Ribeiro – Viaggio inverso
(First track to be revealed from this GNOD/Tomaga collab)

Miles Davis – The Hen
(At his fuzziest best)

Modulator II – Slivered Hearse
(Great bit of French garage psych on Stolen Body)

Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers – Odjay - Nati Kongo
(Crazy rhythms)

Tambourinen – Wooden Flower
(Myrrors man) 

Eddie Jefferson – Psychedelic sally

Plaza Hotel – Bewegliche Ziele
(Jaki from Can laying his groove over new wave synth in '81)

Nine Inch Nails – Ghost IV / Ghost V
(A couple of really interesting albums from Rezner and co)

Gal Costa – Gal Costa
(Thanks to Jimmy for awakening us to this one) 

Motörhead - Nightmare/The Dreamtime
(Motör Magnet)

The Troggs - I just Sing
(One for The Fall fans)

Graham Jefferies - Is the timing wrong
(Lofi VU folk sounds from ‘88 New Zealand...one from the Revolver Records years)

Gila - S/T
(Classic krautprog)

Ben Salisbury, The Insects & Geoff Barrow – DEVS Soundtrack
(Great sounds)

Broadcast – Peel session 2003
(What a band!)

The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Wallenberg (French Version)
(Mutant sounds from Bernard Szajner)

Lushworker – Cruise / Uplift / Hb1c MkII
(Droning fuzz)

Sven Wunder – Eastern Flowers
(Middle Eastern grooves)

Group A – Inhuman Ecstacy
(When in berlin)

Von Himmel - Space Communion
(Forgot about this kosmiche classic from 2009)

Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi
(Great psyched 'metal' from Finland)

The Transcendence Orchestra – The golden jaws of the celestial vice

Memnon SA – World Serpent
(Proggy psych explorations)

Ahiyana – Idassane Wallet Mohamed 
(West African repetitions)

Purple Sun – Dooms Day
(Fuzz rock)

France – OTT
(One of our fave bands around)

Rose City Band – Rivers of Mind
(Repetitive country sounds)

Yozeph of Kirezi - Theme
(One for the Heads fans)

Tony Allen With Africa 70 - No Accommodation For Lagos
(One of the greatest...RIP)

Kraftwerk – Live on Radio Bremen
(The band for where it all began for many...RIP Florien)

Pretty Things – S.F Sorrow
(What a frontman...RIP)

Catherine Christer Hennix - Blues Alif Lam Mim In The Modes Of Rag Infinity/ Rag Cosmosis
(Stunning...cheers Jimmy!)
Catherine Christer Hennix

Dead Kennedys – Riot
(Playing into their hands...)
Dead Kennedys

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