28 May 2020

Beats Per Minute reviews Kooba Tercu

They say:

The members of Kooba Tercu are now located in Greece, Crete and London, and on new album Proto Tekno you can almost hear the joyful abandon at play in their coming together. Communion is a key element in this album; that point at which the music transcends the role of being the vessel of the message to evolve into the message. Proto Tekno skips from one aural landscape to the next, paying no great heed to the song writing rules of generic parameters that record company execs seem to cling onto so blindly for ease of commodifying a product. The listener is served up an array of styles on this, their third album, that shifts, contorts and shakes.

Album opener “Benzoberry” kicks into life with a fuzzy adrenalin-fuelled guitar line and we are in garage rock territory. Drums hurtle and crash, the bass stays stoically repetitive, while the guitar lines skim over the track’s surface in exuberant manner as they careen this way and that, a law unto themselves. Vocal lines are buried deep in the mix, a repeated refrain toward the end serving as an incantation to who-knows-what – a joyful and wholly life affirming banger of a track...

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