6 May 2020

The Quietus interviews Sex Swing

They say:

Momentum And Noise: An Interview With Sex Swing
As they prepare to release their almighty second album Type II, Sex Swing speak to Patrick Clarke about aggression, refinement and gruesome album art

There is a reason that almost every time you start a conversation about Sex Swing, their album artwork comes up - on the cover of their self-titled 2016 debut a grim metallic tool punctures an alien membrane, causing a grotesque and gelatinous ooze, part phlegm, part flesh, part melted cheese, to flood the scene. Listening to it is an overwhelming experience, a suitable monstrous cacophony that sludges in every direction. “I think there’s a sort of unspoken aesthetic that we collectively understand the song should become,” says the band’s frontman Dan Chandler over Zoom. “We only know what it is when we get there.”

Next Friday, they release its follow-up Type II, and once again the record sounds the way it looks. The same artist, Alex Bunn, is responsible for the cover, and this time there’s a little more shape, definable edges and a certain glossiness, but though the ooze has started to thicken it looks darker and more putrid than ever. The music has evolved structurally, there’s more of a framework, but what creeps and seeps within is as grizzly as ever. “As soon as we were ready to do a record I knew he would be the guy I was gonna ask," Chandler continues of Bunn. “I think if there is a visual way of summing up how our music sounds, I thought that was it, an organic mess with a few identifiable elements.”...

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