1 May 2020

Fuzzy Sun say some words about GNOD & João Pais Filipe's new LP

They say:

I have been a big worshipper of Gnod for a long time now, and It is not only the bonecrushing noiserock that our Gnod sometimes produces but I love Gnod for their experimentalism, their search for the divine sound in noise, ambient, tribal rythms, industrial anrd what not. Not every release is as easy as the other but now I can feel the hand of Gnod touching me with this new release. This sounds so perfect, they have collaborated with Jesus, eu, I mean João Pais Filipe to make this gorgeous new record called ‘Faca De Fogo’ wich we get a first extract from and sounds how divine it will sound. This track focusses mostly on tribal rythms and makes me hunger for so much more. Listen to it, it is Godlike. This will be released July third by Rocket Recordings and Lovers and Lollypops.

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