26 May 2020

NEOLYD say some words about Kooba Tercu's Proto Tekno

They say:

Kooba Tercu make noise. Nice noise. Ugly noise. And the Greek-English band prefers to mix their noise with danceable grooves and rhythms. How does that sound? Well, like "Proto Tekno". Since not much happens in terms of content due to the stepmotherly handling of text on the album, "Proto Tekno" can best be described in a scenic way: Imagine Kurt Cobain how he penetrates a flute with a fuzz pedal and at the same time rages as if he were rehearsing for one Continuation of "MTV Live and Loud". Two or three bars later, the synths set in, the rhythm changed, and the performance developed into a wave excursion on MDMA.

Despite the dangerous sound experiments, Kooba Tercu wants to give us a clear insight with "Proto Tekno": "There is a certain interplay between old and new, city and country, human civilization and nature, poorly preserved, underdeveloped or disruptive technology and surveillance , Dominance and symbiosis. We explored the space between such dipoles and tried to create a sense of optimism and militancy to face this brave new world. ”

Above all tracks like "Cemento Mori" and "Fair Game" help to convey the contrasts, but also the harmonies of this attempt. The eight songs - some instrumental, some vocal-based - should not only push headbangers, but also dance bears to their receptive limits. "Proto Tekno" flickers like a dark wisp in the fun society.

Read the piece here: NEOLYD