15 May 2020

Psychedelic Baby Magazine interviews Centrum

They say:

För Meditation by Centrum is an outstanding debut by this Gothenburg outfit. Centrum is the musical equivalent of mantra practice.

Who’s behind Centrum? 

So Centrum is me Kalle (harmonium, guitar, bass, bouzouki, flutes, vocals, recorder, tape delay, mixing), Simon (drums, tambourine, vocals, flute, percussion, production, mixing), Axel (violin) and Baba (flute).

Simon has mostly played with different indie acts and recorded stuff, mostly his own stuff. He has also been working on a Musical Salmon Odyssey. It is not yet finished, but it sounds quite amazing. It deals with the mating cycles among other things. Symphonic Prog.

I am a member of Hills and I am also a member of Weary Nous. Both these bands are on a kind of a hiatus and who knows why and for how long really… But it’s a good thing, life goes on! New projects have risen from the ashes and we had some great years with Hills and did some good jams and fiestas and met and befriended beautiful people, what more can you ask for really? I am so grateful for that time, but life goes on. Music, at least for me, has to keep evolving much like life. Or it becomes pointless. The heart has to be in what I do musically 100% or there is no point...

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