27 May 2020

RTMB Music reviews Kooba Tercu's Proto Tekno

They say:

Kooba Tercu delivers an exploration of sounds that seek to capture his concern for modern life and a dystopian future not too distant as a result of the rapid urbanization of his native country, hence the cover art where a well-built structure remains abandoned to the degree to unite with nature that perhaps in its time was destroyed for its construction.

This album was recorded at the same time as its previous album and like that it was composed based on improvisations which explains the way in which each song flows because even those with a conventional structure feel like passages that are unfolding little by little. Little, being a wild force in the distorted sound that characterizes the entire album and it is impressive how consistent it is for the different ways they present it, for example, "Kamehameha" is a song that seems to have Sludge Metal influence with some vocals that remind me of The Resindents, "Boiler" can be more closely associated with Ambient and IDM, "Qasan" sounds like a Krautrock ritual with Noise and yet they keep these genres never far enough apart for the album to lose its pace and come to a satisfactory conclusion...

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