18 May 2020

The Boosh Zone gives Sex Swing album 4.5/5 review

They say:

Well here we go again I suppose.

That point in the year where I find that one Noise Rock record that blows my mind, defies all expectations, and has my ears bleeding. Sex Swing’s latest release, Type II, is an excellent collection of psychedelic brain-melters that wastes no time and trims all fat.

The production is excellent, especially considering just instrumentally layered this album is. There is space for everyone, from saxophones to synths. All of this is necessary to warp the usual Noise Rock edge into a more Heavy Psych lane. This album emits a crazy amount of power that is hard to put into words, my ears almost feel the weight of the potential and kinetic energy of the music. I love the use of saxophone prominently across the record in place of guitar solos, it really separates this group from the pack...

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