26 May 2020

Rocking.gr makes Koob Tercu's 'Proto Teklno' a 'Rocking Choice' album

They say:

The coumarins of the Athens underground scene are here again with fresh compositions and absurd melodies, reminding all of us that it is the band that the domestic scene needs. The weapon of their charm lies in their ability to extract extreme experimental manifestations from rock and with the help of screams and inimitable compulsive rhythms to make you see the future of rock music with more optimistic eyes.

"Proto Tekno" is therefore Kooba Tercu's new musical step and is the evolution of the improvisational and ecstatic psychedelia that springs from the instinct of these six musicians. Their previous album was weird, strange with sweeping melodies like the ones in the song "Boto", while in "Proto Tekno" you will find tracks that are friendly to a wider range of music ears. You will realize this from the start of the ecstatic "Benzoberry", which contains a punk dirt that offers a few minutes of dance noise to the listener. Tensions during the hearing fluctuate as the drunken jam of "Cemento Mori" follows the fuzzy noise rock character of "Qasan". which was also the harbinger of the band's new album. In particular, "Qasan" means terrified in Somali and may reflect the band's view of the near future in which humanity is trying to find its place, while there is an interaction between the old and the new, the city and the countryside, the human culture and nature, sub-development and technology, domination and coexistence...

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