21 May 2020

Sleeping Shamen reviews Kooba Tercu's 'Proto Tekno'

They say:

Having joined Instagram a couple of months ago, I started following Rocket Recordings and one of the acts they showcased on there was Kooba Tercu, The snippets I caught piqued my interest so I decided to give them a shot having reviewed and enjoyed the most recent releases from Pigs x 7 and Sex Swing.

The band are from Athens though members are also located in Crete and London. They are led by Johnny Tercu, and feature members of Casual Nun and Echo Canyon. Proto Tekno is their third album and their first on Rocket Recordings following last year’s release Kharrüb. The cover art is roots of a tree laying waste to a building built in the Greek classical style. This could symbolise the band’s music destroying staid musical conventions...

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