20 May 2020

Reverb is for Lovers reviews Sex Swing – Type II

They say:

Sex Swing comes together every few years . The debut was in 2016, now follows " Type II " (Rocket Recordings). The members are active in various bands. They all have a preference for the loud. The name dropping: Mugstar, Dead Neanderthals, Deathscalator, IDLES.

The bands are known for hard music of various forms. With Sex Swing, this mixes with dark heavy rock with industrial bonds. Bulky is cut up by noise, songs build up to chaos forever.

The British don't just shoot at it. They structure every song conscientiously. It sounds a bit like Grinderman or Birthday Party. We only find seven songs, but they are varied and carefully built.

"The Passover" opens up dark and powerful, sets the relentless and demanding tone. "Skimmington Ride" flows a little more, churning it up a lot.

"Valentine's Day at the Gym" is probably most clearly Nick Cave, a seething track. A sweaty saxophone drives on “Betting Shop”, while “La Riconada” stomps on stoically. Finally "Garden of Eden - 2000 AD" is slowly working towards destruction.

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