18 May 2020

The Fragmented Flâneur reviews Sex Swing's Type II album

They say:

It took me quite a while to appreciate the first Sex Swing album. With the exception of a couple of tracks, it felt like it was just the wrong side of accessible for me. However, a bit of perseverance and a couple of live performances later and I was on board.

I am always happy to be challenged by a record and really like it when I can come to appreciate it… In hindsight I would probably say that the band’s debut was also about these musicians from disparate bands coming together and feeling their way to a certain extent.

However, if that was the case I think that the band have really clicked with this sophomore release. The intensity of the playing has definitely gone up and I don’t know whether or not the first one softened me up, but this album felt coherent from the first moment I heard it...

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