14 May 2020

Echoes and Dust reviews Sex Swing's Type II

They say:

After a warped and abrasive debut, Sex Swing are back with Type II, a collection of new warped and abrasive sonic offerings. Brought to you by the greatest record label in the world, Rocket Recordings. Home of Gnod, Gum Takes Tooth and Pigsx7 amongst others. As far as I’m concerned, there’s a serious drought of brain-bludgeoning psyche music at the moment. Whilst Luminous Bodies, Pigs and Casual Nun have had some fairly heavy releases recently, it seems like most people are kidding themselves with this fucking eyes wide shut jangly shit that seems to avoid rather than attempt social commentary.

I want something ugly and heavy and savage to sink my teeth into; something that bites back with a greater enmity than that which I feel tracking our parasitic media day-to-day in this hellish, (barely) covertly fascist dystopia. Sex Swing seem closer to that than pretty much anything else I’ve heard in the past year. What’s happened to our artists? Are you still pretending everything is fine when everything in our society has been on a downward trajectory since as far as I can remember?...

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