8 Nov 2015

The Quietus reviews Gnod live iat World Island Festival Leeds

It reads:

...they're followed by prolonged problems with Gnod's soundcheck. Eventually, Gnod are told they can only play for 30 minutes. Gnod decide to just play one song. Gnod's one song lasts 45 minutes. Classic Gnod. Sort of. As Forrest Gump's mama used to say, "Life is like going to see the Salford-based experimental collective Gnod. You never know what you're gonna get." All the Gnod sets I've ever witnessed have been totally different performances, from phat, spooky Krautrock, through minimalist electronica, to saxophonic improv. This is the first I've seen them resembling anything vaguely along the lines of a more traditional rock band, albeit a pretty strange rock band like Bong or OM. Their one song is a slow, bass-heavy sludge monster with swirly-whirly Hawkwind effects and shouty bad-acid lyrics about there being "too many faces". The audience (g)nods along in unison while two blokes in chequered blazers and pork pie hats stumble around, pumping their fists with approval.

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