12 Nov 2015

Echoes and Dust reviews Capra Informis – Womb of the Wild EP

Capra Informis – Womb Of The Wild

There seems to be a bit of a cottage industry growing round Goat these days. Not content with being one of the most celebrated psych bands of recent years, they have also had a hand in the success of Hills (who may or may not be Goat depending on who you speak to) and now Capra Informis which is essentially the djembi player who felt he/she had a bit of downtime in their busy schedule to record some extra tracks on his/her own. As suits the mystique around the player to the extent that we cannot even be sure of the sex, the music that Capra Informis deliver is equally mysterious and ambiguous.

At only four tracks long and clocking in at the twenty minute mark there is a distinct lack of something building into a cohesive whole but as a primer EP it’s simply a revelation to hear another side of Goat. Where-as the mother group follow avenues of “world music” filled with caterwauling banshees, Capra Informis is much more measured and ambient. The roots of Goat are there, they are just taken down a different alley.

So whilst lacking in length, the deep psych on offer is rather good and follows a path set by mid-period Pink Floyd at times before veering off into Amon Duul territory. With a complete lack of structure about the four tracks, each set around a distinct pattern or rhythm, the music is heady stuff which requires some tuning in to turn on.

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