18 Nov 2015

5/5 review of Teeth of the Sea's show in Brighton

Teeth Of The Sea, Green Door Store, Trafalgar Arches, Brighton, Tuesday, November 17

Worrying un-Teeth Of The Sea-like sounds emerged from the keyboardist’s bank of vintage synths just minutes before the London four-piece were due to take to the stage on Tuesday.

But despite a slight delay and regardless of whether the malfunction was fixed, the band tore through their largely instrumental set, with nothing appearing to sound missing.

In fact, it was a case of everything including the kitchen sink that blasted from the PA – trumpet, pedals, bass, guitars, floor drums, laptops and more, culminating in an occasionally terrifying scorch of a sound, part soundtrack, part electro, usually very danceable and more often than not with a murky depth.

Often acting on unspoken but wildly flamboyant physical cues from one another as the gents changed instruments and positions onstage, the setlist built to a climactic encore that had lots of the Green Door Store crowd losing their minds dancing, generally forgetting where they were.

Many bands try – and fail - to pull off the many atmospheres that TOTS seem drilled in now.

That in itself would be impressive, but the fact they managed it while still clearly loving what they do is nothing short of amazing.

Five stars

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