9 Nov 2015

The Quietus interviews Teeth of the Sea

Daylight Come: An Interview With Teeth Of The Sea 

Suzie McCracken talks to the London quartet about new album Highly Deadly Black Tarantula, finding their gaze tightened and their enthusiasm reignited since 2013’s multivalent Master

The two most-used words during this interview with Teeth Of The Sea are ‘austere’ and ‘confident’ - which is a pretty succinct description of Highly Deadly Black Tarantula, the band’s fourth album in nine years. The record casts aside the technicolour explosions of 2013’s Master, and instead haunts and hunts, chasing the listener through rooms full of disorientating shapes, with purrs and snarls drifting up through the floorboards. It’s assertive and succinct: a beast that pursues its prey with its heart-rate lowered until the time to lurch out arrives.

Highly Deadly Black Tarantula takes you to a dark place, presenting a spectre that flickers between biological and psychological depending on what time of the day you listen. Which is why it’s a bit jarring when you discover how convivial a bunch the band are - they surprise even someone who has read the transcripts of their previous pint-fuelled encounters with this publication. It helps that they are in high spirits when we meet on the day of the album’s release - pleased that the stream on the Guardian has been met with positivity, and that they can send the link to their mums knowing they’ll understand it’s a big deal.

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