21 Nov 2015

Get into this pick their top 50 albums of the decade so far

'Get into this' have put a top 50 albums of the decade so far together and we are flattered to have two albums in the list:

Goat: World Music (2012)
Psychedelia’s renaissance has been one of the defining trends of the decade thus far, and all the while Goat have held their place as the movement’s shamanic spearhead. Wrapped in voodoo myth, World Music was a record of otherworldly brilliance. Struck through with seizing eastern grooves and monolithic hooks of overdriven guitar it remains utterly unique in its globetrotting brew, and the band themselves have already passed into psychedelic fable.

Their live appearances have done nothing but strengthen their status as one of the decade’s greats thus far; genuinely legendary gigs such as their appearance at Psych Fest 2014, where shrouded by kaleidoscopic masks their dual high-priestess vocalists commanded the Camp and Furnace like no other band the festival’s ever seen. It’s a show still discussed on Merseyside today. Patrick Clarke

Teeth of the Sea: MASTER (2013)
If their name wasn’t suggestive enough (French for JAWS), a cursory listen to their music should reveal how much Teeth of the Sea are true cinematic aficionados and MASTER unravels with widescreen ambition, an extraordinary attention to detail and the craft of Coppola and Kubrick. Cataclysmic percussion trades with weighty textured ambience, bombastic neo-metal riffing, triumphant Trojan-like brass and wave after wave of locked grooves – regularly in one song – check the 10-minute leviathan Responder for starters. Perhaps Teeth of the Sea‘s most endearing nature is their expansive ideas; like the Mars Volta before them, they sometimes stray into daftness, but who cares?

There are few contemporaries straddling such progressive musical planes. With so much going down you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d lost the plot, however, Teeth of the Sea never lose sight of their ultimate goal: to ramp up the tension before unleashing a blockbusting finale. To see MASTER unfold in the live arena was a true joy. Their MelloMello and Kazimier shows will last long in the memory and, as the final horns and walloping beats to Black Strategy subsided, all attending bore witness to a band at the peak of their powers. Peter Guy

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