4 Nov 2015

Articles on Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation in Elle and Aftonbladet plus review by Gaffa

Above is a a great article in the latest Danish Elle with Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation.

Also worth a read is this interview with the band by Swedish site Aftonbladet: Aftonbladet

Danish magazine Gaffa, have also reviewed their debut album Horse Dance (royghly translated):

Delicious spacious and dark stone debut from Swedish Grammy comet

"Immediately, I think there are many space-like elements" have Josefin Öhrn described his music after his concert at the Roskilde Festival 2015.

One thing is that the young stock holmer have gone to art school, but it's a good description of the psychedelic spherical flows driven by noisy guitars and apocalyptic rhythms Horse Dance, her very promising debut.

The material is most of all-state chanting developments, sometimes almost as collective stoned hippie dance, as the Green Bluefields, but built in a rock ensemble - changes in Horse Dance is an excellent example....

Read the rest of the 5/6 review here: Gaffa

Their debut album Horse Dance is out on Friday, preorder here: Rocket Bandcamp