10 Nov 2015

Disorder Magazine interviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

It reads:


Having rose to prominence in their homeland Sweden, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have hit the British shores this week with their debut album ‘Horse Dance’ [November 6th, 2015]. They have cooked up a plate of thunderous psych sounds and paranoid atmospheres reminding one of krautrock band Toy and Welsh rockers Telegram, so expect their following to grow after their string of upcoming European live dates.

Raised in Sweden's capital Stockholm but finding her influences from spending time in other European cities, Josefin Öhrn brings her Eurocentric style to 'Horse Dance with French-esque va-va-voom. Despite this, she still returned back home to Stockholm and teamed up with fellow Scandinavian Fredrik Joelson and a tightknit group of other musicians for her debut album. Foreign sounds and themes contribute to the slight change in direction from the ‘Diamond Waves’ EP [2014) with less of an alternative rock undertone. You’ll find that this time there's a more inviting, electronic, and sometimes tribal feel to a handful of the tracks; and it all works wonderfully well. It’s refreshing, dynamic, and a versatile record to boot that shouldn’t go unnoticed. A key highlight is ‘Sanity’ that begins with a thumping drum machine-like beat and is complimented by a catchy synth hook that clenches onto your wrists and pulls you deep into focus. Breakthrough single ‘Take Me Beyond’, which is the fifth track from the debut, stands strong and exhales a churn of phased-guitar and a motorik rhythm...

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