23 Nov 2015

The Music interviews Goat about their forthcoming Australian tour

Who is this Swedish Goatman of Goat? Anthony Carew talks to a strange anonymous fellow about why none of the unnamed members of Goat use social media, and finding the spirituality of music. 

Goat are a mysterious, psychedelic Swedish collective, whose latest LP is suggestively called Commune. Their membership is kept secret; the band wearing masks on stage and in photos, their names never divulged. They don't tour much, and almost never do interviews. When offered the unexpected opportunity to talk to one of Goat's members, we're only given the name 'Goatman', which doubles as the title of the band's first single. When dialling his number, we wonder who we're calling, where they might be, what they'll be like to talk to. It turns out Goatman is jovial and affable, in Gothenburg, and "at home doing some vacuum cleaning". If that sounds mundane, so is Goat's reason for anonymity, which is preserved so they can go about daily lives that involve kids and jobs...

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