17 Nov 2015

Artrocker interviews Hey Colossus

It reads:

If you’ve kept a close eye on the underground this year one of the names that will have cropped up are the ever excellent Hey Colossus. Veterans by now, this year as seen them release not one, but two albums and each can lay claim to being their best so far. Frequently descrobed as the most exciting guitar band on the planet, Hey Colossus may actually have the chops to live up to that label. Not convinced? You need to get yourself a copy of In Black And In Gold and if that doesn’t move you then their newest release Radio Static High. Albums seemingly poles apart in sound yet completely as one, they serve as two highpoints in a remarkable year for underground bands. Martyn Coppack crossed paths with drummer Rhys Llewellyn to find out more…

So…how are you? What’s it been like seeing Radio Static High go out in the wild?

RL – yeah we all good thanks. the album has been out in the wild for a month or so now so we are busy chasing it up and down the country in our VW.

Two albums in one year is pretty prolific in itself. Two albums of completely different styles is something else. Tell me about how this all came about?

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