26 Nov 2015

Bearded reviews Oneida – Positions EP

It reads:

Concluding their series of ‘Rocket Shop Exclusive’ EPs, venerated psych rock label Rocket Recordings are set to issue Positions, by Brooklyn psych-prog outfit Oneida on November 27th. 

Home to US psych rock maximalists Hills and Italian space rock crew Lay Llamas, the release will be the third in the sequence.

The new Oneida release follows in the steps of Italian proggists Mamuthones who issued an impressively irreverent cover of The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy For the Devil in September. Succeeding the Liverpool Psych Fest alumni were Capri Informis, an offshoot of GOAT, who played a legendary set at the festival in 2012.

The first music released by the Swedish experimental rock group, the released by Capri Informis was the first music from the project, established by GOAT’s unnamed djembe player.

Oneida's new EP Positions sees the group covering two treasured influences, late 1970s London experimentalists This Heat and San Fran industrial pioneers Chrome. 

Representing the former is an intense version of S.P.Q.R. (check out the Soundcloud link below) and a 16 minute psychedelic voyage into the latter’s All Data Lost. A new Oneida original, the mantric drone of Under Whose Sword completes the set.

Read the full piece here: Bearded

And preorder the ltd vinyl that is released tomorrow only from here: Rocket Bandcamp