2 Nov 2015

Teeth of the Sea discuss their 'gear' with Drowned in Sound

It reads:

Planet Gear:
Teeth of the Sea

In our semi-regular nose around the equipment that some of our favourite bands use, Planet Gear, Teeth Of The Sea talk us through their sonic arsenal...

Korg Volca Beats
As someone with no discernible musical talent whatsoever I'm always on the look out for bits of kit that will make the gap between thought and expression that bit more bridgeable. I'm also someone who, when confronted with any piece of technology more advanced than a pencil sharpener, starts gibbering in panic like the monkeys faced with the monolith in 2001. Therefore I am the target audience for the Volca Beats. You would have to be an actual medically defined imbecile in order to not be able to get some satisfying bangs and thwaks out of this badman, and when you start hooking it up to effects pedals then the real fun begins. It has it's problems - it's too damn quiet for a start - but it's great to use as a sketch pad for ideas and brilliant to piss about with when you're caned as well...

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