3 Nov 2015

Nothing but Hope and Passion reviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – ‘Horse Dance’

This is what they say:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – ‘Horse Dance’

Swedes bypass the usual pysch clichés to deliver a compelling debut outing.

Psychedelia is a genre that seemed to be dead, or at the very least in seriously miserable shape, for a long time. After hitting its cultural peak in the 1960s it struggled to survive the massive comedown that kicked in with 70s, the genre went stale, and most of the musically innovative musicians moved away, leaving only a hardcore of crusties who never let the game die. So in short, things did not look bright. But then a few years ago, a new generation of bands emerged who, rather than wholeheartedly commit to pysch as an occupation, instead nabbed elements and techniques from it and blended them into other genres like post-punk and electronica, giving a new sense of life to psychedelic music. And Sweden’s  JOSEFIN ÖHRN plus her backing band  THE LIBERATION sit very solidly into that new approach, grabbing elements of psychedelia and then playing with them and other genres. This approach has served them well up to the release of this, their début album Horse Dance.

Use of contrast
The album kicks off with Dunes, seven minutes of driving psych-punk that layers waves of guitar fuzz and squall over a thumping, driving drumbeat, steadily building in intensity...

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You can here the album exclusively here ahead of Friday's release: Loud and Quiet