16 Nov 2015

Soundblab gives Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation album Horse Dance 9/10 review

Horse Dance
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

This sultry siren and her grand troupe of experimentalists hailing from Stockholm cleverly blend Krautrock, experimental synth pop, 1960s garage psychedelia, trip hop cinematic tension, and stoner rock leanings. Josefin and company’s lineup is Josefin Öhrn (vocals, guitar, synths), Fredrik Joelson (guitars, vocals), Christopher Cantillo (drums), Victor Hvidfeldt (bass, guitar, vocals), and Calle Olsson (synths, vocals). They spoiled us earlier in the year with the ‘Psychedelicatassen’ experience, the Diamond Waves EP, which served up mouth-watering appetisers like ‘Anything So Bright’ and ‘Free’, flowing with wonderful colours and flavours.

Following that recording, there's obvious opportunity to ask if we are currently experiencing a Psychedelic revival as witnessed in a spate of many bands in the last few years imprinting their own recognisable brands in the genre...

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