15 May 2019

The Quietus feature Centrum in their monthly Psych roundup

The Quietus feature Centrum in May's Psych Roundup:

This is what they have to say:

'Across four movements, Centrum plod pleasantly and repetitively along in a manner that can't help but recall their country's psychedelic godfathers Pärson Sound/International Harvester/Harvester/Träd, Gräs & Stenar. Fans of Goat may also be interested, although Centrum are a lot less hyperactive, like Goat's ambling cousin..............It's magnificent, of course, but you might find that when meditating to that noise you'll be unable to clear your mind fully because it's going to be suddenly filled with images of demonic imps jigging across some multi-coloured mountainsides.

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