30 May 2019

Get Into This asks Sasha from Gnoomes 13 questions

They say:

Russian rockers Gnoomes are a firm favourite here at Getintothis and we run through 13 questions with them.

Combining kraut techno and kosmische pop,Gnoomes released their first album, Ngan!, on Rocket in 2015, a four track, with two of those taking an impressive 30 minutes to unfurl.

Their last album, 2017’s Tschak! Was describes in these very pages by us as being ‘bolder and looser, more experimental, broader in the scope of its ambition.’

Now with new album Mu!, Gnoomes have expanded into a four piece and are headlining the latest Getintothis Deep Cuts night, along with RongoRongo, Samurai Kip and Charity Shop Pop.

Ahead of this activity, we sat Gnoomes down and subjected them to 13 questions.  Read on to find out more about limitless skies, poached eggs and one hand clapping.

1. Where are you and what are you doing?
“I’m in Perm in Russia, working at the table.”

2. What is your favourite view?

“There is a special place in Slovenia, the town that’s called Rogaška Slatina. I have a secret place there with a tremendously beautiful panorama view: the hills, the small churches and the limitless sky.”...

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